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The Importance Of Having A Mobile Website

John Cork
Creative Manager

4 Reasons Your Business  A Needs A Mobile App.
Watch This Video Clip.

Dear Potential Advertisers

Do you know the importance of having your own mobile app for your business?
More people around the world have smart phones than ever had land lines.
There are are as many smart-phone subscription ( 6.8 billion ) and it took more than 20 years to happen.

Are you aware that it is important to have a call us button, a msm button and email button, so that anyone searching for
your business locally/overseas can call whilst they are out and about to see if you have what they need.

Whether your business is an online business, a service provider, a manufacturer, an agent , a distributor or any other,
a mobile website  can help you get discovered by potential clients, and help during the sales process when potential clients
want to do more research about your business.

After seeing many business struggle to built a great website due to expenses needs such as hiring a developer or an agency
to build and maintain the website, and having to pay them even more money every time a change needs to be made.

Petro-marine will design and promote your mobile apps to customers in the Oil, Gas, Marine, Shipbuilding, Manufacturer and Service Providers in Asia and in the Asia Pacific region.

To enable you to have a mobile site quickly and in expensively, kindly grant us the opportunity to have a meeting with you.

Just to name a few of many customers using our mobile platform : -

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. We know you’re a busy professional and we do value your time and we love sharing our insights with you.

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Printed Ads will never last long.

1. People use their Smart Phones, I-Phones and Tablets to browse the internet daily.

2. Customers will find it easy to call you.
Just tap on your number to make a call )

 3. Sending SMS is made easy and composing an E-mail is made possible.

 4. You pay less when you have your advertisement on a mobile device.
 ( Your mobile advertisement will last longer and the cost is very much lower)
5. Your mobile advertisement will be linked to your traditional website.

*  We have also designed a low cost advertising package for your business.
 *  Advertising rates starts from S $360.00 to S $ 600.00  x 12 months exposure.
 *  No maintenance, domain and hosting fee.

Our  target audience are Top Decision Markers, Purchasing Managers, Engineers, Ship Builders, Ship Repairers, Marine Consultants, Rig Builders, Rig Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service Providers in the Oil, Gas, Marine and Shipbuilding industry in Asia and the Asia Pacific region.
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 For advertising enquiry, call John @ mobile number stated above.

 Best Regards

John Cork